Ryerson University

Stakeholder outreach through
deeply informed art direction

Magazine Design
Annual Report

Ryerson partnered with Aegis to create Intersections, a magazine aimed at academia, business, community and government to showcase the bright minds that drive the university’s research. Intended first to communicate the unique nature of Ryerson’s research to funders, the magazine also became an important tool for recruiting both high calibre research talent and high caliber students.

A powerful way to communicate culture and leadership is through stories. Therefore, the magazine was created as a collection of engaging stories and photography about people of science—Ryerson researchers and their pursuit of innovative and groundbreaking work. At its core, Intersections centralized the notion of Ryerson as an urban campus integrated into the city. The university is both in its site of inquiry and of it at the same time. Streets, which serve as the framework for any urban centre, and, most specifically, their intersections became the visual metaphor and title for the publication.

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Centre for Urban Energy

Branding and Identity
Marketing Collateral

The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) at Ryerson University is a confluence of minds with multi-disciplinary expertise from industry, academia and the public sector. CUE exists to find innovative next-generation solutions to keep cities powered.

Based on our award-winning work in Ryerson’s Intersections, Aegis was selected to develop an identity system, website and print communications for the new research brand. CUE’s forward-thinking premise inspired the creative approach—from the wordmark designed as a bold, simple statement with the letter E refashioned to be reminiscent of a three-pronged electrical plug; to the photography, which illustrates urban nighttime scenes using a special time-lapse technique which enhances city lights and activity. 

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