Thrive Group

Creating a signature identity for a new merger

Branding and Identity

Our work for Thrive was deceptively simple- we were commissioned to design an organizational identity. The challenge was that we were creating a new corporate identity for two merging organizations, each with their own extensive histories and cultures. Producing the identity was a result of extensive research into the various regional offices that would be servicing the Thrive community. Finding the linking elements between the two communities was the most important task for our team. Once identified, the logo and identity materials were easy to design. Thrive afforded us the opportunity to put our research front and centre: they understood that the more we knew, the better the product we could make.

The result is a fresh and exciting image for the company as it turns a new leaf in its story.

Thrive logo-full-hd
thrive_0004_Layer 4 copy thrive_0005_Layer 8 thrive_0009_Layer 10 thrive_0010_Layer 3