Establishing a clear voice in a noisy market
a clear voice in
a noisy market
The York School
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The York School is a successful and long-standing International Baccalaureate World School in Toronto. It challenges traditional educational approaches and delivers incredible results. We have enjoyed a collaborative relationship with them for over eight years. Generally, most independent schools communicate remarkably similarly, from design to photography to language. The trusting relationship we have enjoyed with The York School permits us to take calculated risks and develop creative authentic and unique to The York School brand.

Trust leads to another success—Over the years, we have produced a range of communications and multimedia brand campaigns shaping the School’s public image. “Take on the World,” our most recent campaign, positions the school as one where students are uniquely prepared to build fulfilling careers and lives. All of our campaigns leverage the voice of York School students. They are bright, well-rounded, articulate and self-reflexive: the best possible spokespeople. In addition to helping meet recruitment goals, the campaigns, over the years, have strengthened the brand’s visibility and market share. ⬤