Contemporary rebrand for a faith-based community
Radiant Care
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Tabor Manor and Pleasant Manor were established by Mennonites early in the 20th century. They are affiliated through faith, culture and values. Facing new trends in demographics, the Board and management wanted to broaden their appeal. The older generation of Mennonites is shrinking. Their boomer children are rapidly approaching retirement themselves. In many cases, they have built careers, marriages, families and lives outside the community. Today’s retirees are more affluent and have active retirement lifestyle expectations.

Signalling inclusivity—While both Tabor Manor and Pleasant Manor welcome applicants from all faiths and ethnicities, a Mennonite faith-based organization does not appeal to non-Mennonite prospects. Through a human-centred, anthropological approach to branding and change management, we helped the organization shift its brand from being aligned around a specific cultural heritage to be more open and inclusive.

Universality from shared values—After an ethnographic exploration of both the internal and external stakeholder communities, we helped to reposition the organization around its core values of caring, compassion, and community. The result was a refreshed, universally compelling brand and value proposition that the organization already ‘lives’ and can deliver. We created a unifying name, Radiant Care, an identity, and messaging that conveyed the brand’s values of warmth and openness, and set expectations about the resident experience. ⬤